Candy Crush Level 130


Don’t worry, we’ll get through it together :)

Candy crush saga level 130 has confused a lot of people, including me! That’s why I made this page, the goal is to swap two striped candies…..5 times.

I’ve separated the page out into basic tips, cheats and a full walk through guide, so just use whichever you think is the most beneficial!


1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 60000 points
3 stars: 85000 points

Candy Crush Tips

Tip 1 – Hunt those stripes!
It may seem pretty straight forward, but level 130 is all about the stripes, you’ve only got 40 moves – make sure you don’t waste them on anything else!

Tip 2 – Improve the odds

Work from the bottom to top of the screen, and focus on vertical matches rather than horizontal. This gives you the best chance of cascading matches producing those sweet striped candies. Make sure you don’t set off a cascade that knocks over the necessary striped candies though!

Tip 3 – Earn your stripes!
If you have one or more striped candy on the board already, work below it and then above it to get more stripes. Remember you need to get them next to each other to beat this level.

How to beat Candy Crush Level 130

Cheat 1 – Maximize Striped Candies

This will seem super obvious, but hindsight is a beautiful thing! Because the board on 130 is so huge and there aren’t any obstacles, there are all kinds of opportunities to make special candies.

On level 130 of Candy Crush, you are limited to just 40 moves, so I strongly advise against using those moves on anything that doesn’t help you make those striped candies.

The other special candies (things like the wrapped candy or the sprinkle candy) can actually work against you, the reason being they can actually increase your chances of accidentally exploding the striped candies. If you do this a few times it becomes quite frustrating.

Cheat 2 – Match Vertically

The hardest bit about collecting all the orders on Candy Crush 130 is not actually creating the striped candies (this bit is quite easy once you get the hang of it), the hard bit is getting them next to each other in order to swipe them together, kind of like a Rubik’s cube.

The easiest way to get the striped candies next to each other is to work the candies above or below the striped one’s. It is a lot more difficult to match the candies horizontally and to be honest this is a pretty universal Candy Crush tip when you are aiming to get two special candies next to each other.

If you’re really struggling getting them next to each other on level 130, you can always try getting them all the way to the bottom and lining them up down there. Bear in mind this should be a last resort though as it can waste a lot of turns to do that every time.

Cheat 3 – Save striped candies

While almost impossible at times, try your best to look at the board to check out where the candies are going to fall.

The most infuriating aspect of collecting the striped candies in order on Candy Crush Saga Level 130 is that more often than not, they end up exploding before you get a chance to match them up with their striped brothers and sisters.

If all else fails, check out the full walk through video with notes below :).

Candy Crush 130 Walkthrough

Hang in there!

In the end, Candy Crush level 130 can take you many a turn before you crack it.  I really hope these cheats and tips will help you run the odds in your favour and give you the confidence to beat 130.  As with all the Candy Crush saga levels, it takes a decent amount of patience, perseverance and partly depends on the luck of the board. Best of luck and brace yourself… the honeymoon is well and truly over, and the orders are about to get much harder ;).

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